Link of the week

IMG_8850_resizedThere are two links today, both related to last week’s review of The Meursault Investigation by Kamel Daoud.  

First up is an account of the aftermath of two controversial opinion pieces Daoud published in Le Monde and the New York Times respectively. His editorials dealt with issues of Islam and sexuality in the wake of the incidents of sexual abuses on New Year’s Eve in Cologne involving men from the Middle-East and elicited strong criticisms by Western intellectuals for peddling “well-worn Orientalist cliches.”

“The Daoud Affair” by Adam Shatz courtesy of the London Review of Books

The second link takes you to a piece  from three years ago which explores Camus’ much-criticised political stance towards Algeria’s independence movement while at the same time provides a  potted history the North African country’s struggle for independence and the role French intellectuals played in the process.

“The Colonist of Good Will: On Albert Camus” by Thomas Meaney courtesy of The Nation





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