Weekenders – “Montauk” by Max Frisch

montauk-193x300Having spent the best part of August holidaying in Germany, I decided to choose a few German books recently translated into English for my next reviews. First cab off the rank is Montauk by Max Frisch.

In the 1960’s and 70’s, Swiss writer Max Frisch belonged to the group of post-war “uber”-authors which included Nobel Prize winners Gunther Grass and Heinrich Boell. Whilst famous at the time for his widely popular allegorical political plays and three novels: Homo Faber, My Name is Gantenbein and I am not Stiller, his works have somewhat faded away in the minds of the reading public since his death in 1991. Not even an international film production of Homo Faber under the title Voyager starring Sam Shephard and Julie Delpie could trigger a sustained renaissance of his work. This is a great pity given that Frisch was always the more international, outward looking writer among his peers, whose prose in particular has remained fresh and relevant. It is thus admirable that the small Portland-based publisher Tin House Books has decided to republish Montauk which first appeared in 1975 in German, and then only a year later the now out-of-print English edition. Continue reading “Weekenders – “Montauk” by Max Frisch”